If you count yourself as a good bit green, then please come along to our very informal meeting/social gathering of green folk interested in the progress of our little green centre. Venue: the shop itself - 69 Friargate opposite Roper Hall - this Saturday 6th Nov 7.30pm on. Tea and coffee on tap, but please do bring any other beverages (!!) along if you should wish to join us for an extended evening. Will be an opportunity for you to get a 'feel' for the place, besides having a good time!
We may be a bit stuck for chairs, so please keep an eye out meanwhile for free/cheap patio sets we can use in our sizable back yard - but use indoor temporarily. Thanks!
The shop is nearly ready to go - but will need a few volunteers for a painting day before we get the info-boards up and wholefoods in.
Hope to see you Saturday!

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