Wanted: old sink...

Anyone an old stainless-steel sink going spare?
Also seeking:
Outdoor patio furniture - we have a good-sized back yard!
A green plumber - thanks Joe!
Old laptops (and open-source computer folk to help us set up);
Wooden tables with tops 60cm by 60cm, or 120cm by 60cm ... or thereabouts;
Wooden, or fold-up/stackable chairs;
A strong counter/table;
Information display boards/stands - thanks Trisha!
Information to put on them! And links to eco-websites!!
A good filter coffee machine (and advice as to the best-tasting coffee and how to how to make the perfect cup of coffee);
An eco-friendly kettle - thanks Jamie!
Left-over magnolia emulsion and green gloss paint (or should we purchase the eco-friendly paint?) - Thanks Paul O!
Display fridges; cake-display glass domes;
Good-looking shelving for whole-food display;
Please e-mail us if any of the above. Thank you!!!

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