Now have sufficient funds!

An Awards for All grant now received and added to our UnLtd grant means that we now have sufficient funding to open our Green Centre!!
Our dilemma is now whether to go for the lower-rent (no loo) small shop as a top-down information centre (and selling whole/organic/local/Fair Trade foods) or attempt to run a much larger shop with a much higher rent as an information AND community/social centre - our much-preferred option.
We could run the smaller shop stress-free but may well get stressed up forever trying to earn enough to pay the larger shop's rent (of perhaps 2,500 Pounds + perhaps rates) every three months for a minimum of a year.. Selling tea and scones, evening classes ('Preston Free University'!), other room-rentals (??), Friends' schemes... more ideas needed!!
Will be viewing a couple of shops very soon. Watch this space!

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